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Research Projects

Research Projects

Strategy to unveil and overcome autoimmune diseases

In this study, we analyzed pemphigus and a pemphigus mouse model as an autoimmune prototype in which desmoglein 3 was known as the target autoantigen. We aimed to develop antigen-selective immunosuppressive therapies with fewer side effects by clarifying autoimmune and immune tolerance mechanisms as universal immune phenomena through analysis of the disease and its mouse model.

Study to overcome atopic dermatitis

This study aims to conduct both clinical and basic research to elucidate the pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis and establish a new treatment strategy. In recent years, we have introduced data-driven science and are conducting research aimed at identifying personalized medicine for atopic dermatitis (AD).

Project to elucidate the skin barrier mechanism

Skin barriers are critical for terrestrial animals to avoid desiccation and protect their bodies from foreign insults. This project aims to elucidate the various barrier functions of the skin, including physical, immune and homeostatic barriers.

Project to elucidate hereditary skin diseases

There are various congenital and inherited skin disorders. This project aims to elucidate the pathogenesis of these disorders not only for developing novel therapeutics, but also for unveiling novel functions of the skin.

Study to overcome malignant skin tumors

This study mainly focuses on the development of new treatments for skin cancers, including extramammary Paget’s disease and malignant melanoma, to improve medical care provided to patients.

Investigation of drug and food allergies

Adverse drug reactions and food allergies are allergic diseases that directly affect the quality of life of patients. This study aims to contribute to the development of effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods by elucidating the pathogenesis of both types of diseases.

Study for the management skin lesions associated with intractable connective tissue diseases

The aim of this study is to attempt to classify cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa (CPN), an IgG4-related skin disease by verifying the clinical and histopathological finding, and developing appropriate treatment modalities for these intractable conditions.

Study for the treatment optimization of nail disorders

The aim of this study is to optimize the treatment of various nail disorders by verifying existing treatment methods, developing new treatment methods, and taking advantage of the expertise and clinical experience of dermatologists in charge of the nail outpatient clinic.

Study of axillary osmidrosis

Axillary osmidrosis is a condition in which sweat in the armpits and bacteria on the skin surface produce an unpleasant body odor from the axillary area. In this study, we aim to investigate the microorganisms present on the skin of the axilla to gain insight for the discovery of novel pharmaceutical drugs for axillary osmidrosis.

Study for visualizing skin lesions by photoacoustic imaging

The aim of this study was to visualize cutaneous lesions using an optical ultrasonic microscope. A pilot study was recently completed and further studies are needed to evaluate various skin lesions. This imaging technique also provided a new potential diagnostic method for future analysis.

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